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At Zayra we value our customer’s satisfaction and aim to provide the highest standards of care. We strive for perfection even as we keep our charges to minimum. we do not promise any particular shade of teeth colour as this very much depend on individual client. We use the best materials and an experienced dentist. We do advise which procedure will be the best for each client, depending on the condition of the teeth. If the client choose to proceed with their choice of teeth whitening, against what is advised as best for their teeth, this is likely to result in suboptimal outcomes and this will be communicated to our clients before the procedure. However, in the rare event of not being fully satisfied with our service, our team have developed a money back policy. We aim to refund 100% of the money if you have to consult another dentist to repeat the teeth whitening procedure within a week and 70% if repeated within 2 weeks. The best results of tooth whitening are seen in the early weeks following the procedure. Hence , unfortunately  our team cannot offer any refunds beyond 14 days of the procedure date after having availed the benefits of our treatment. Due to the nature of the claims being very subjective and the wide spread prevalance of unfair claims, Zayra has a stict policy on all refunds. All claims should be accompanied by evidence of the repeat teeth whitening performed by a qualified dentist in UK within the specified period, at a cheaper rate than us. Teeth whitening performed by non dentists is illegal and will not be considered for the purpose of claims.